How to get lost/free SPIKES or HEADDRESSES on Animal Jam New 2017

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Hello guys, today I have a very special video for you which shows a method that works amazingly.
So recently, Animal Jam had another Supporting Team that works for Animal Jam in behalf of members who have got scammed or lost their items.

This Animal Jam Supportive Staff team will get the lost items for you when you contact them immediately with information that is being asked and proofs.

Emails which are only associated with Animal Jam are :-

[email protected]
[email protected]

and you have to email them at [email protected] in order to get your lost items or ( fake that you’ve lost it ) free items back.

This is strongly advised that it wouldn’t work on NM alts or new NM accounts, or they’ll end up banning or deleting your account as they did with me.

However, I’ve sent them an email at [email protected] using my main account’s credentials and told them how I lost the items and they gave back my black headdress.

So yeah, good luck trying!

Link To Animal Jam Classic Item

I hope you guys are just as happy with the items you receive like I am! 😁

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