How To Get FREE Animal Jam Rares 2019 Read Desc. AJ Generator

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

This generator took a LOT of time to make so we are very satisfied with what we’ve created. By “we” I mean me and my partner, a close friend that helped create this project! I’ve dedicated myself to computer programming as well as a bit of computer science. It mostly started as a hobby but slowly developed into a little more than that.

The generator has had a lot of difficulties during its “beta” stage. But thankfully it has been perfected enough to be open to the public. Any deleted, glitched, one of a kind magenta items, or large beta items such as “beta eyeball” cannot be generated. Promo items are a possibility but we aren’t 100% sure on its success so it would be advised not to ask for them.

In today’s video I show you how I get diamonds in horse haven FAST! Diamonds in Horse Haven are the in-game purchased money. You use Diamonds to help you level faster in the game and get special in-game features. Diamonds are VERY useful in Horse Haven! There are no horse haven cheats to get more diamonds, but there is a little horse haven secret on how to get diamonds in this video!

Play Horse Haven on your computer by using Bluestacks. Please install Bluestacks with my affiliate link because it really helps me out! Bluestacks is free to install!

Horse Haven is a multiplayer horse video game that can be played as a phone app. #HORSE World Adventures is a horse simulation, horse breeding, horse racing, and horse raising video game. Play #HORSEHAVEN on your android and iphone. #HORSEGAMES

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator