How to Get a Tiger in Play Wild

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Watch our video to see how to get a Tiger in Play Wild!

Tigers are the most expensive premium animal in Animal Jam Play Wild, they cost $6. If you don’t have a credit card on your itunes account then you have to find ways to get a tiger for free in Play Wild.

This video shows what it’s like to get a Tiger in Play Wild and how you can get one too. The tiger comes with a ton of free den items and armor too! You also get 6000 gems!

If anyone knows of any Play Wild Tiger codes, please let us know in the comments! Any cheats to get free tigers would be great too.

You can find more information about tigers on our channel or on our website

I’ve been pretty concerned with the Animal Jam population concerning hacking, password sharing, and scamming. In this video I explain how people are being hacked, how to avoid being hacked, who is hacking, and information on internet security. I have decided to create a contract please copy and paste it in the comments below! “I _____________ promise not to give out my password and other personal information to any friends and online free item ‘generator’ accounts. I promise to only share my password with a trust adult! If I have shared my password in the past I will change it now. Sincerely ____________.’.

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