OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Hey there guys! I hope you enjoyed this video. Please leave a like, comment, and subscribe if you did! Don’t forget to show this video to a friend, so that they can get a spike too! The steps are as listed below in case you have trouble following the

Step 1: Get a bunch of clothing betas such as beards, worns, rare bows, etc. (make sure to save some of these!)

Step 2: Trade some of your clothing betas for 1 den beta each, no matter the color! (people are more likely to trade you this way, and you’ll end up earning back the ones you missed out on anyways).

Step 3: Put HALF of these den betas on trade, and trade them for worns or fox hats (people love these items and will be super happy to trade you for your den beta!!)

Step 4: Begin trading these clothing betas for 1 den beta each! (you’ll end up receiving twice the amount of den betas or more than you started out with. Feel free to repeat this process several times).

Step 5: Trade for short spiked wristbands. Rarity Orange, green, yellow, pink, blue, purple, red, black.

Step 6: Once you have two of these short wristbands, trade them for one long wristband. (Long wristbands follow the same rarity order).

Step 7: Once you have collected two long wristbands, trade them for a short collar! (Short collars follow the same rarity order).

Step 8: Once you have two short collars, trade them for long collars! Some people may be looking for a variety, so use your leftover den betas, clothing betas and short collars to trade for long collars! Make sure you aren’t undertrading or overtrading, though.

Step 9: Enjoy your new spike wrists/collars!!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator