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It’s a straightforward experience and brings together some addictive elements, not so far removed from the Theme Park/Hospitals of this world, or Kairosoft’s Mega Mall Story. It’s fun in short bursts, but will definitely become boring after not long at all.

Then there are the pay-to-proceed elements. In fairness, you can play all of Happy Street without spending a penny, should you so wish. We cannot hold anything against the developers in that respect.

But there’s still time spent waiting for things to happen — new tokens to arrive, trees to grow, recipes to cook — and you can speed them up in the most part by paying real money.

It’s not incredibly cynical, it’s not pushed on the player and it’s not as invasive as it is in other games, but it does still feel slightly like progress is held to ransom. If you can look beyond this, or are just willing to play the waiting game, there’s a bit of fun to be had with Happy Street.

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator