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Hello Everyone!

This is SaintDruG for Black Hat Ethical Hacking .

Todays Hacking Minutes Series,

We will See how to take over a machine, dump the hash key from a user, and decrypt by cracking the hash key to reveal in plain text the password.

Doing this, we will go through creating a payload, copying the payload
remotely to a machine, in this example we will use a kali machine,
running on a macbook air, and send it to a raspberry pi
since, the rpi, has no 32bit or 64bit architecture,
and uses ARM architecture we will generate the payload
using python, knowing that the rpi is running Parrot OS Linux.

We will open a listener using metasploit

execute the payload on the remote/victim machine.

we will use a post gather module specifically designed to work on arm/linux to gather the hash keys.

Then, we will copy that hash encrypted key and crack / brute-forcing it using John, on Kali, revealing in plain text the password.

Behind this technique, lies black hat and speed execution to get what is needed.

Its one example, how using social engineering techniques, explained in our other videos.

Same as SCP is also explained in another video, you can take over a machine.

And get the password in an encrypted state cracking it to plain text.

Having this password basically you not only OWN the machine, completely. But you escalate this, and start doing recon on that users personal life and using tools like Maltego or other techniques and Powerful recon scripts you can try that password against all his social media, emails gathered and check if it works giving you in less than 10 minutes after a successful social engineering / phishing attack everything about that person.

This is one example, using a combination of techniques and knowledge of certain frameworks and tools optimized for speed and execution that black hat hackers use against their victim.

We @ Black Hat “Ethical” Hacking, have the skill to show you
just a preview of real demos real life attacks that happen every second.

– Security is a myth..

Our Black Box Penetration Testing Involve a very real simulation of such attacks.

Hope you enjoyed this, and stay tuned for more!

This video is performed for educational purpose only, it will help Cyber Security Researchers expand their knowledge as to how such attacks take place, everything is done on self owned machines and do not support promotion for such techniques, we are not responsible for any damage done in reference to this training, Black Hat Ethical Hacking or any security research engineer performing this demo is not held responsible for the actions of others and do not influence such attacks to be done WITHOUT the consents of the other party or part of a penetration testing after an NDA agreement signed between both parties. And now, Enjoy !

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Its all about the Black Hat “Mindset” – To Understand
this, you need to unlearn and learn again, the mindset.

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