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*Come join our Feral ★ Animaljam ★ Fer.al Discord Server (Chat group):*
– Over 3,000 people are in this Discord server.
– The server recently decided to merge Feral and Animal Jam together in this server. Feral is a new upcoming multiplayer game like Animal Jam that is also created from the same company, Wildworks. Closed Beta will be out near December and we’ll keep the server up to date.
– Giveaways Everyday! Spikes, den betas, literally anything get given away everyday. Anyone in the server can host their own giveaway and people can participate!
– A trade channel for for Animaljam, there will definitely be one for Feral once the game comes out (near early 2020). People talk about trades and trade with others in this chat. It’s one of the main reasons why people come here is to trade!
– Chats for other games such as Chickensmoothie (people trade here), Transformice, Minecraft and Animal Jam Play Wild and other games!
– And more!

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Sorry guys, I do not buddy people. There will be no way in which I’ll start adding people again so please do not ask. There are many reasons on why I do not add people so I hope you understand. However, you can always ask for an autograph (jam-a-gram saying auto) and if you are a non-member, leave a message on my jammer wall (preferred).

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator