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Hey guys, Tigers Rox01 here and I’ve just learned that I have been hacked! Yes, I’m kinda of disapointed but does this change much? No! I’m not sad or anything, it is just a game 🙂 The only thing I want back are my friends and animals because they were hard to get X3 If the hacker’s goal was to make me mad, they have failed miserably XD Just stay calm and don’t worry! I will try and do everything I can to get it back
Also, thank you so much Elizabeth Gem Frost for informing me about this! 😀
That’s all from me, see you guys next time! 😀



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INTRO & OUTRO White Tiger by Izzy Bizu (Hippie Sabotage Remix)

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GUYS, FOR GOODNESS SAKE, WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO BEFORE COMMENTING “Oh you’re already bought one idiot!121!11!!”
I proved that this glitch was real by using a BRAND new non member account. When I went to buy a pet; it said it costed GEMS. When previously, they were sold for diamonds while they were available in the shop. This glitch has expired.

I’m not 100% Certain if being able to buy them for 400 Gems instead of 3 Diamonds is intended or not. But I assume it isn’t because if they were originally released for Diamonds, they are intended to stay as Diamond pets. I’m pretty sure they’d get a lot of annoyed customers if they suddenly released them for gems. Another reason I think this is a glitch is because AJHQ would have announced it if they started being sold for gems.

This glitch was working when this video is uploaded! Sorry if it stopped working by the time you’re watching this.
It only works with Diamond Shop pets that are not currently in the diamond shop! Does this mean they might come out publicly for gems soon? Who knows! Maybe AJHQ made a mistake with the prices.

My friend tried to buy a diamond shop pet from the diamond shop a few days ago, and it charged her 400 diamonds. Maybe it’s linked to the 400 gem cost price on these glitched animals? Click here to see the picture!

Jameslionking originally alerted me about this glitch!

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What’s your favourite Diamond Shop pet, if any?

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator