Got hacked on Animal Jam

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The title says it all, I got hacked on Animal Jam everything will almost everything is gone thank goodness that my skunk tail did not get hacked because well I don’t know if analgin would be able to replace it or not but you know I would have been so mad if it got packed because I would literally have nothing at that point accept rims clothing about us some things worse than but us and that’s literally not really enough to get another long collar thank you guys so much for watching another one of my videos I really hope this is a lesson to you guys don’t share your password with anyone and stay safe and don’t get hacked bye

So recently my bud Albert got an AD on one of my videos for Animal Jam, or so he thought. Upon clicking on the virus infested link, he was transported to an illegitimate FAKE AJ site, that is certainly used to SCAM/HACK player information & even credit card details. Join me on my quest of exploration as I investigate the strange and illegal company known as ‘Virtual Worlds Land’, and definitely get 10 trojan horse viruses on my PC. (For real tho, AJHQ might wanna check up on this & sue).

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator