Good Unicorn Food vs Bad Unicorn Food Challenge / 11 Rainbow Unicorn Recipes

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10 DIY Edible Makeup Ideas / 10 Funny
All unicorns like colorful treats! Only good unicorns like rainbow yummies more, and bad ones – not! Do not believe me? Then watch our new video of what good and bad unicorns eat!

Supplies and tools
• Sugar
• Food coloring
• Ziploc bags
• Burger bun
• Onion
• Yellow tomato
• Mayonnaise
• Sesame
• Ground chicken
• Cheese
• Lettuce
• Sesame oil
• Ground beef
• Salt
• Pepper
• Black tomato
• Red onion
• Dark lettuce
• Purple cheese
• Olive oil
• Waffle cone
• M&M’s
• Marshmallows
• Melted chocolate
• Donut
• Sprinkles
• Tinfoil
• Skittles
• Glaze
• Meringues
• Pink sugar
• Cream cheese
• Sandwich bread
• Unicorn cookie cutter
• Silver food glitter
• Rye bread
• Glass bottle
• Hard candy
• Milk
• Edible glue
• Straw
• Round glazed cookie
• Strawberries
• Plastic sticks
• Cup

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator