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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

The video should explain everything, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll answer the best I can. 🙂 If YouTube decided to be mean and turn off comments, my discord is RocketPooch#0438 and my instagram is rocket.pooch / aquaanimalsaj so you could contact me there. Like I mentioned at the end of the video, my art commissions are open and my information and prices are below!

Ferals / animals, I can TRY anthro / furries and humans, but I’m much better at regular animals. I also make designs! Example of my art here, DM me (on discord or insta) for more examples or examples of my designs!!

**Custom design** (can be complex) – 1,000 sapphires in AJPW or 300 diamonds, Good short collar in AJC or some rare rims in AJPW
**Flat shaded headshots** – 800 sapphires in AJPW or 150 diamonds in AJC, or some AJPW rims
**Shaded Icons** – 800 sapphires in AJPW or 150 diamonds in AJC, or some AJPW rims
**Flat shaded halfbody** – 1,000 sapphires in AJPW or 200 diamonds in AJC, or a short collar (No orange and green) in AJC or 2 treasure hunt spikes in AJPW
**Flat shaded fullbody** – 1,300 sapphires in AJPW or 250 diamonds in AJC or any good short collar (or a rare item in AJPW like a blackout spike or beta firefly friend)
**Fullbody with a coloured galaxy-ish background thing** (whatever you call the thing in the example lol) – 1,400 sapphires in AJPW or 280 diamonds in AJC (or red spiked collar in AJC, or something like forest gauntlets in AJPW?)
**Full shaded picture with fullbody and background** – 1,500 sapphires in AJPW or 300 diamonds in AJC (or a long spiked collar in AJC or rare beta item in AJPW like beta raccoon tail. A colour other than white tip is preferred but I’ll accept white tip?)
**Add character onto any of those things** – + 500 sapphires or 100 diamonds, good long spike wrist in AJC or 5 treasure hunt spikes in AJPW (at least 2 or 3 of those spikes being black)
**Full shaded picture with 2 characters and background** – 2,000 sapphires or 400 diamonds, solid (black long) in AJC OR either beta dragon wings, 4 pairs of forest gauntlets, 3 raccoon tails (only one of these can be white tip), rare bowtie, rare curly antlers ect. (basically the really rare stuff on ajpw plz)

Please pay me when I show you a WIP, I don’t wanna get scammed :/ (not compulsory but it would be preferred, especially if I get a WIP done fast) I can’t really say exactly how long it’ll take me to finish the commissions as I always seem to be busy, however I’ll let you know how long I think it’ll take / ask how long you want me to take and try my best to get it in at that time.

I’m definitely pretty flexible and willing to negotiate the prices but it anyone bought for this that’d be absolutely incredible :0

** I am in particular looking for items on AJPW rather than AJC. If you only have any of the stuff here on AJC, I’ll accept that, however even if you don’t play AJPW, if you used to years ago in around 2020, there’s a chance you’ll have some of these items I’d like. So please try checking!**
Please read everything above, it explains all. Please DM me if interested!
LINK TO MY ANIMAL JAM DISCORD (mainly for play wild but for classic players as well!) That’s all uwu

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator