OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Yah Also to find the into song- Credit goes to 3FK Media.

How to get UNLIMITED Diamond Encrusted Gauntlets in the Tiki Trouble adventure.

You can obtain this item by catching a boot while fishing. The boot will disappear after 2 minutes, so if you’re doing this adventure with friends, be quick!

Diamond Encrusted Gauntlets were originally sold in the Diamond Shop from September 4, 2014 to October of 2016. They have resurfaced in the new adventure, Tiki Trouble.

Want to play Animal Jam for yourself?
Here’s the

If you read the description, you are special.
Insider Leaving for Canada tomorrow. This was gonna be one of my prerecorded videos, but I wanted to get it up as soon as possible so you could have more time to use this little trick 😉

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator