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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Animal Jam is an online virtual playground for children who love animals and the outdoors, and is the result of an ongoing creative collaboration between Smart Bomb Interactive and National Geographic Society. Our goal is to provide a fun, exciting, and safe environment for kids to play online, while inspiring them to explore and protect the natural world outside their doors. Animal Jam is free from outside advertising and adheres to a strict privacy policy.

The world of Jamaa is ever-changing. We strive to ensure we’re constantly engaging players in fun and enriching game play, while educating them about their role in conserving the planet. With players spanning the globe, we introduce them to the fundamentals of socialization, teamwork, creativity, and global awareness. Bullying is never tolerated, and online safety is regularly taught to players and parents alike.

A portion of your Animal Jam membership fee will support National Geographic programs like t

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator