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Credits to Zeelux for this script.
Hi, I made a button that spams buddy requests to a user that is online, and they cant accept nor decline, resulting in them having to refresh.

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acho que só funciona uma vez
Vai mais para baixo

HQAJ ,My Child has recently been hacked.
The parent email linked to this account is ( Your parent email ).
and the username of the account is (Your username).
and a previous membership code used for this account is : ( a membership code used in the passed )
My child would be happy/appreciative if you could grant her items back!
Thanks for your time and effort.
She got hacked and they took her diamonds, they took about 50!
I hope you can grant her diamonds back! Sincerely , ( Your name )

Espero ter ajudado qualquer dúvida deixe nos comentários provavelmente eu te responderei em minutos. horas ou dias

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator