Fman122 Is Back And Hacking Again | Animal Jam

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Credit to Xxhisteddybear

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ROFL ITS OKAY GUYS!! I got my account back . Omg this video is su bad XD i have better quality videos now and a better intro! I’m still shocked that Awesome Sunny Brave gave me 30 diamonds… it was after the vid 😛 but i didn’t record it. How do you think i got my Arctic Wolf, Eagle, AND Snow Leopard?
Webkinz belongs to Ganz.
Intro song belongs to Skrillex.
Pokemon belongs to… umm nintendo? XD

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Games I
*Pokemon Y -3DS-
*Star Stable -PC-
*Webkinz -well, not really-
*Some other stuff, but i forgot XD

I will be doing giveaways eventually on Pokemon Y, but for now, i’m sticking with Star Stable. 😛
What kind of giveaways you ask? Well, only Shinies and Legendaries and Shiny Legendaries -w-
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Thx 4 Watching, and
#LongLiveSwagDragons! :3

Please “(◕︵◕) Webkinz Gameplay Losing Hope In Webkinz? (◕︵◕)”


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator