Easy hacking for anyone you want to back to~Animal Jam

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Hey ya’ll! you might be confused this is a livestream but I wanted to show I’m comfortable doing this on air with no edits. Here is the [email protected]
They use this so people know it is them-dont get fooled if the email is “animaljamsupport” or anything like that. This is the proper

Dear AJHQ,

I just tried to log on to my account (Dont say you couldnt log into the account you are targeting for years because this may result in AJHQ looking into it) today and it said the password was wrong. My parents tried to log in to my account parent dashboard but the password had been changed and we could not log in to it. I do not know what to do about my problem, but here is another account of mine (insert your main account) and here is the password to prove I own it (insert password for proof) My account that I cannot log into is (insert your target muahaha)

I hope you can help me with this!

From, Animal Jam Hacks (or your pen name)

So yeah! Target those mean people who have scammed you and please put this to good use! Byeee!

congratulations winners!! 😀
i am not spoiling who won hehe
you can find out who won by watching this video!
this contest has 3 winners who gets the prizes!
+ runner ups which are 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th
i sadly don’t have any prizes for them thou im sorry :’D

you all did SOOO GOODDD JOB??? U3U

contact me to get your prize by any of these

Anniina7AJ #4512

and im really sorry for announcing winners so late, i couldn’t really do it on 19th :V

i didn’t show all the entries because there is SO MANY so you can just view them by tapping this little tag

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator