Conspiracy? New Mystery Rare Promo Series 4 Pets in Animal Jam!

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So in this Animal Jam video, I lose my mind trying to unscramble the mysterious Series 4 Adopt-A-Pets Promo Rare Pets Riddle. Are there 2 pets or 3? Why does the checklist say there are 104 pets? But this guy has 200?! Are the 2 Rare Pets: Hedgehog & Fennec Fox? Whats with this Rare Golden Armadillo Animal Jam??? Is there another Series 4 coming soon? Animal Jam Crystal Adopt-A-Pets? Adding 96 more pets to the Series 4 checklist and 1 more Rare Pet? But what is that extra Rare Pet? The Golden Armadillo cant be from Series 4, so what is the other one? Why do I even care? Do you even care?

If I was Animal Jam, I would announce every single upcoming Promo. When it’s coming out, what item it comes with and where you can get it! This would prevent players from being scammed by brand new promos and educate players about new promos.

Heck, I would even sell all of the toys on to make it convenient for all of my players. If you buy a toy, you can choose to have the code delivered digitally right to your account!

I would also put random codes in all of the adopt-a-pets, who knows you might find a limited edition one and get an Ultra Rare item or something that nobody else has! Boom! You’re super rare just from buying 1 Adopt-A-Pet!!! I assure you, the shelves at the stores wouldnt be filled with old AJ Toys, they would all be sold out! I would only do those things to make it more exciting for the players, to give them a better understanding of promo items and to increase the net profits of your toy licensing agreement.

Them, they make it confusing and tell you to go buy toys when the stores dont even have them. And we try and try, but we just cant find them. I dont know if its a distribution or manufacturing issue, but its very frustrating.

Then, they promote a magazine but its only available in another country. But the crazy thing is the magazine contains a promo that was previously released exclusively to Australia. So, that just sorta ruined Australians day. Why would you do that? Re-Release a promo in a different product?! Who handles your marketing and promotions and why cant you figure out how to do your Promo items properly?

And dont get me started on the books and stuff… The code “Includes an exclusive in-game item” and you buy it and what do you get? Some gems?! Come on now, dont even put a code on it in that situation. But then sometimes you make the code something like “RIDDDLETHIS”. This kid bought this book with his allowance to get a cool promo item, yet buy the time it gets delivered to him everybody already has the code because its shareable. Never do that.

Each series of Adopt-A-Pets should have its own unique Promo items. Den, Clothing & Pets. Adopt-A-Pets should include Limited Edition pets. Containing a code that gives you an extremely rare promo item. All this would do is make Jammers much more interested in Adopt-A-Pets.

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