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Hey jammers! You want free, no scam, no hack, membership codes. Right? So I’m giving them to you in this massive giveaway!! Of the truth. A massive dose of the truth. A gentle pat in the figurative face. In looking for a free membership you’re putting your account at risk. Stahp. Stop it. Right now. Now go enjoy Jamaa, and don’t worry about a silly little membership. You don’t need it! Be yourself. Love you. But really. Stahp. Happy jamming!

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Here to hack with BlueCrossEyes????
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Don’t worry I know the person I hacked. That’s her back up and she said i could, but still, she never told me her password.

will you be next? #BlueCrossEyes I wont care if i get hate πŸ™‚

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Animal jam ~ How to redeem your membership giftcard

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Okay, I am honestly sick of everyone saying “Liar liar!”. I honestly don’t know where people got the “This video will give you free membership” thing from because as you can tell by the title, it says “HOW to redeem your membership giftcard” not “Free membership codes for everyone!”. Just appreciate the fact that I spent actual money to make this video for you guys and help people who don’t know how to redeem their membership out. If you want membership, go save up some money and buy it or just don’t become a member at all. You need to understand that you can’t just get everything for free in this world and sometimes you have to work for what you want. If you’re not in a country that sells membership you could buy it on the Animal Jam website and tell your parents that if they buy you membership you will pay them back or something but if they don’t want you spending money on an online game I guess you should just listen to what they say because they may not want you getting it for very some good reasons.

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another video! Today’s video is rather different… I chose to do a review of the 6 month AJ Membership card! Problem is… it didn’t turn out to be what I thought! Watch the video to find out!
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Animal Jam Amino User (AJA): Annadoggy
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Thank you, ShadowSwifty, for making it!
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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Your form should look like this V
-Write down the code provided (3YUPH) (So you are not a Robot)
-Your Animal Jam Password (So you are not a Robot and other various reasons)
-What Animal Jam items do you want? (10 maximum)

EXTRA BONUS – If you own an AJ MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT, you are eligible to request up to 20 items.

We don’t take responsibility if you put your account details in the comments below, please do not put your animal jam account details in the comments to avoid being hacked.

Welcome to our National Geographic Animal Jam item generator. We can attest to you that our generator has been tested and is currently working for animal jam players with a paid membership and players without. For sundry reasons, animal jam players with a paid membership will take less time to render and engender the items. Infelicitously, the generator could take up to 30 minutes to culminate engendering but in the meantime players must be logged out of their animal jam account until it has culminated processing.
Unfortunately, Personal Information is needed but we can assure you that none of it is shared online.

If any issues occur, please [email protected]

Never share your password with anyone apart from your parents! 50 likes? ALMOST 10K SUBSCRIBERS! THANKS SO MUCH!!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Animal Jam Hack β†’ Add Unlimited Gems & Diamonds in 1 Minute |No Root| Proof

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Animal Jam Hack β†’ Add Unlimited Gems & Diamonds in 1 Minute! |No Root| Proof!!!

Follow steps from the video to use Animal Jam hack and add resources to your account. This Animal Jam hack apk works on all platforms and mobile devices. Animal Jam cheats have proxy protection and root/jailbreak is not needed.

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Hey everyone, enjoy this way to get free membership…. Butno really, I think you’ll really enjoy this video. Make sure to like the video and subscribe and participate in the giveaway to get a free blue long Hehe.Of course this is fake now stop asking oml.
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Animal Jam Play Wild Hack | Cheats 2019 | Getting Free πŸ’Ž Gems & 🀩SapphiresiOs/Android Super Easy

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I’m just like you guys trying to find working tools to get free
Sapphires & Gems for Animal Jam Play Wild! Today I’m going to show you the working one that I found
I will show you every step in this video so please follow itcarefully.
You can add up to 999k Sapphires & 999k Gems – this is maximum amount to add it’s not possible to have more on counters – dont trust anyone who offers more.

Enjoy your free Sapphires & Gems guys, I just want to share this with you guys as I know the feeling of trying differents tools and they all turned out not working.

I will continue to search for more working tools and make videos if I find working ones.
This channel will be dedicated to us people who don’t have enough money to buy stuff for these play to win games!

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This doesn’t need any of your private data – your username or google playstore or app store username is all they ask for.
This Animal Jam Play Wild works fully online which means you don’t have to download anything and your computer can remain safe πŸ™‚
I can guaranteed that this Animal Jam Play Wld Hack is 100% Safe and Working!!!
If you don’t have the game , it’s on the app/google store!

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Animal Jam Free Diamond Code

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Watch the video to see the code;) No hack/scam. Anyone could use this code only ONCE. Even myself, and ALL my friends.



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