OPEN - Animal Jam Generator


this mod is an ajpw mod that does not require the users password, only username. After the trade of items for the mod, we will give an apk of the modded version of ajpw for the requested ammount of time. To use the mode you need to uninstall ajpw, instal the mod apk, and spimply trade. When the apk glitches off, that is when the time is done. Just uninstall the apk, reinstall animal jam, and all the scammed items will appear in your inventory.

To use the mod, you must trade a very low trade to a jammer and on the other jammers screen, it will automatically hit accept, it is a very good scam tool.


Prices for mod…

2 hours – forest boots OR duo swords OR curly antlers OR offers
4 hours – archer OR alpha armour OR offers
8 hours – Bad rc tail OR bad drag wing OR offers
10 hours – good or tail(preferably black or red.)OR good drag wing OR offers
24 hours – black tip rc tail OR offers
48 hours – beta black/white bowtie OR offers

If you want to offer somthn else, comment and ill reply with what you can get.

Complain about the prices and ill cut off ur arms

hi guys!! this is how to hack anyone you want, it still works!
here’s the text, make sure to send it to [email protected] twice
– Hey Animal Jam!

My account (user of the person you want to hack) got hacked!

I would like you to reset the password back to (password you want it to be reset to)

For verification

I am using a different account now cause that one got hacked, my user is (your mains user IT CANT BE A ALT OR IT WONT WORK)
and the password is (your mains password)

Thank you again, and please respond in the next day!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator