Animaljam INSANE FREE DIAMONDS – 4 AM not sleeping

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Come join my ANIMALJAM Discord Chat group:

This server has 500+ members. Giveaways everyday! More info below.
If you’re new to AJ, use my username for referral. 8D Referral link:


I also play Transformice :

Sorry guys, I do not buddy randomly anymore, hope you understand I have reasons.
You can always ask for an auto (jag me saying you want one), I’ll try my best to keep up.
If you are a non-member, say ‘hi’ on jam a gram and I’ll auto later on.
More information about my Animaljam Discord server:
Usually 100+ online everyday. Timezones are different so server is usually alive or dead on a certain time. Most of us are from United States.
Animaljam-trade is usually the most active because people mostly come here for trades.
Players always make their own giveaways so come join! We had tons of spikes, den betas, etc. given away. Tons.
There are also text channels where you can talk about other games like chickensmoothie, transformice, etc.
There’s much more, come join and check it out. 😀
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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator