Animaljam how to make a lot of gems 2013

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with this you will have a lot of money!!!!!!!!!!!! peace

안녕하세요!! came back with a proof video, cause y’all didn’t believe me. I get it, there is lots of misinformation around. The screenshot I took is in a separate video linked at the end due to time cuts on my editing program, so I apologize. To save you the trouble of going back to my first video I will copy and paste my method of hacking down here. As I stated in my previous video, I only revenge hack for friends, (wolf hacked those spikes off of one of my school friends, she also used this method), But again there is no judgment here unless you hack me or my friends LOL! Well I hope this satisfied your need for proof, and I hope you have fun hacking. Also at the time of posting this, I have been informed that Wolf is suspended and will possibly get banned for hacking this way, so be careful. Until next time, 안녕!

Animal Jam account recovery [email protected]

Hello AJHQ!
Recently I heard about your new contact email about recovering lost and forgotten accounts, I have an account on the game that I’ve forgotten my password to and would be extremely grateful if you could recover it for me. The account is (username of the account you want to hack)

To verify my account has been active for the past 6 months, I have included my parent information linked to my other accounts down below.
(your parent email)
(Parent password
Thank you for allowing me a chance to recover(username of the account you want to hack).

In my experience, they have responded within 24 hours, and they have been very friendly.

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator