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Den is locked because I don’t want people to be waiting for me and I’ll be reloading AJ a lot. I’ll be in full Aldan.

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Sorry guys, I do not buddy people. There will be no way in which I’ll start adding people again so please do not ask. There are many reasons on why I do not add people so hope you understand. However, you can always ask for an autograph (jag me saying auto) and if you are a non-member tell me at my jammer wall (preferred).

About A gift is a gift. It’s not a trade. Please do not expect anything in return if you gift me anything. I had prefer if you just don’t gift. I have jags opened for people who want an autograph or sometimes ask questions (that I might answer and might not answer because a lot of times you guys just ask “buddy me” yet I have said multiple times that I do not add people). I actually don’t get a lot of gifts, usually just rims and in store items in which I still appreciate. Though there was only a few times have I gotten a rare spike as a gift but I always return them back because I dislike large gifts. I just don’t know what to send back. It’s just too much for me to accept. Though recently, I been doing giveaways so if you do a send a spike, let me know if you want it to be used for giveaway. Otherwise, please take your gift back. Thanks!

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Today I share my secret Forgotten Desert Map for Animal Jam! Using this Map is how I was able to get tons of spikes of den betas every week! Learn the map, do it as much as you can and you will constantly get Rarer. Its as easy as that… all it takes is time. The items I got in this video will be given away, so make sure you subscribe and post a comment below!


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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator