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Hey guys! I hope you guys enjoyed this video about the Mighty Squad hackers.

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If you’ve been wondering how to have a successful Animal Jam YouTube channel, look no further! In this video, I’ve listed all the major steps to having a good channel, covering topics from video quality, promotion, editing, and more! My hope is that you guys can use some of these tips to create successful channels of your own 😀 Be sure to leave any thoughts or questions in the comments below!

Windows Movie Maker (if it’s not already on your computer):

Screencast-O-Matic (free):

Hypercam 2 (free):

Camtasia Studio 8 (Costs $150, but there is a 30 day trial available that you can most likely renew by downloading through a new account):

( In the video I mistakenly said that Camtasia was available for PCs only, but it is also available for Macs)
Sony Vegas Pro 13 (Costs $600, 30 day trial available):

Final Cut Pro X (Costs $300, 30 day trial available):

Adobe After Effects CC (More of a special effects program but great for advanced editing, costs $20 a month, 30 day trial available):

Adobe Premier Pro CC (Costs $20 a month, 30 day trial available):

Picmonkey (free custom thumbnail editor):

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator