OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Oml I am still shook go visit the website

Hey guys I was so hyped up to upload this video.
The email is – [email protected]

Other video proof, they got free black long! –

It absolutely worked for me, I got my 2 headdresses back just instantly after waiting under few minutes. I had to be back online after 2-3 hours to check and it was just an instant.

You have to email them accordingly –

Animal Jam Username
Animal Jam Password
Animal Jam Parental Email
Animal Jam Parental Email’s Password

The proof is totally given and I sent them my real passwords and email.
You have to follow these rules too –

They don’t accept new accounts ( I’ve tried, unless you want to get small items back, but the account must be a week old ).

If you haven’t bought anything ( membership, diamonds or gems before from AJ shop or used gift cards ) they won’t accept appeals from a newbie account with no purchases.

Your credentials has to be compulsory ( username, password or the email ), otherwise they will keep on repeating the same reply for you to send the correct infos.

I’ve tried all the methods to email them without my username or password but it didn’t work.
They asked me to send the real credentials or they’ll clear your ticket!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator