Animal Jam Walkthrough Mt Shiveer Journey Book

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

All journey book animals of Mt. Shiveer to get an adorable Red Panda Plushie!

In order as shown in the

– Himalayan Poppy
– Juniper
– Red Panda
– Permafrost
– Hawk Moth
– Lemming
– Slate
– Gold
– Partridge
– Yak
– Himalayan Tahr

I hope that you enjoyed this brand new Animal Jam video.
In this video, I will show you how to find everything in the Journey Book for MT. Shiveer. I also show you the prize you win. Good luck!
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Game- Animal Jam
Username- Wondrouss
Recorder/Editor- Camtasia

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator