ANIMAL JAM TOY CODES + LION’S MANE GIVEAWAY [ft. Membership & Light Up Ring Codes]

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ANIMAL JAM TOY CODES + LION'S MANE GIVEAWAY [ft. Membership & Light Up Ring Codes]

Animal Jam Spirit –
Hey jammers – these toy codes are taking Animal Jam (and the world) by storm!! The Lion’s Mane is one of the most popular nonmember items right now (and I can’t help it reminding me of Lion from Steven Universe). You can also win the following from unlocking Adopt-a-Pets: Tail Ribbons, Peacock Tail, Firefly, Mouse, Grasshopper, Squirrel, Preying Mantis and more… What do you want to collect most?

Oo, and sorry for all my silly voices in this – I always seem to be acting goofy in videos about pets. I’m only a little bit obsessed… o3o

To enter the giveaway for the FREE LION’S MANE all you have to do is… 1) subscribe 2) like this video? 3) leave your username in the comments below! Check back for results within the next week or so.

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