Animal Jam Speedpaints My Dream Look

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Hey foxes! Crystal here and in today’s Speedpaints is my dream look! I have been wanting this for a while. I had part of the items before I got hacked on Aj PC and Aj Play Wild and am now left with a few really cool items but I’m not gonna give up on getting my dream look.

The items I needed for my dream look

Green DJ HeadSet
Black and White Raccoon Tail
Forest Gauntlets
Rare Ice Dragon Wings

I DID NOT MAKETHE MUSIC AND THE BRICK WALL IN THE THUMBNAIL. RECYCLEBEARDSBACKUP IS STILL HERE! If you don’t know who he is, he is Fman122’s return user. There is no new Fman122 user. He is still on recyclebeardsbackup user. I thought he was gone!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator