Animal Jam Rare Chef’s Hat Rare Item Monday

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The Rare Chef’s Hat is the Rare Item Monday for November 14, 2021. It’s available in Jam Mart Clothing for 975 gems ($$$) to members. Don’t forget to pick up your own while you still can!

My Phoenix masterpiece was featured in AJ’s Toucan video. See if you can spot it in the background! How hyped are you for toucans? I know that I’m really looking forward to this Thursday’s update…

Want to play Animal Jam for yourself?
Here’s the

If you read the description, you are special.
Insider My High School Band’s first official concert for the year is tonight, and I’m really exited. Also, everybody spam MrMayorr and tell him to start making AJ vids again 😉


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator