Animal Jam Play Wild iOS MOD Play as Peck | SargerAJ

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

‘Everyone loves the new you!’

First Play Wild Mod on iOS. Unjailbroken.

Play Wild is a great game. Peck is not a playable character. Peck is now a playable character. GG’s Wildworks, Play Wild is now a better game than Animal Jam.

I dont care where i stand with whats going on, my main focus is for everyone to take precautions and be safe.
Heres some ways you
– shut down your discord servers!
– this will not do anything to the people already in the server. It’ll just prevent people from joining the server.
– Make your instagram account private!
– this will ensure they dont see thing you dont want them to.
– This will make it to where they cannot IP grab you! This is the safest you can be so please take care!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator