Animal Jam Play Wild Fast Ways To Get Sapphires

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Hello jammers! I hope these tips and tricks helped you get some sapphires.
Would you like me to do more AJPW tip videos? Let me know in the comment section down below!

Music is by Kevin

I put in my 20th Toy Code and unlock the amazing Peacock Feathers!!! This is one of the rarest promotional items in all of Animal Jam. I show you some of the offers I got for them. Shortly after this video was made I was offered a rare black long spike, but turned that down. I plan on keeping these but will still look at trade offers.

And why did that person kick me out of their den!?!?!?!

Send me a Jam-A-Gram kingofshopkins if you play AJ!!


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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator