Animal Jam NEW OUTRO ☁️✨?

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

I really kinda wanted a more aesthetic outro and therefore got inspired by many many bts fan instagram accounts and made it more YouTube ish, it seriously looks cool in my opinion and I really love it, now I can really make my own actually and stuff, I can even make them Halloween themed now, it’s so fantastic!

I’m still so sorry for those who doesn’t like kpop because I bet you guys really hate me for being such a big fan honestly. Luckily I don’t have kpop as background music in every video, lucky guys.

It’s quite simple to make an outro actually! And I think I’ll make a Xmas one and Halloween one too, I just can’t do it right now, since I don’t know if I would change the pfp though!

Hope this was fine with you guys that I made this, I can’t really make any aj videos at the moment because the update isn’t out yet and my MacBook just is crap to record on. Hope it’s okay with you guys that you’ll have to wait a fe more weeks!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator