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So I was live streaming the other day when this person named 150th became my buddy, but I didn’t buddy or know them. Then the same thing started happening with a new jammer account and I don’t know if I got hacked or if it was one giant glitch. I tried unbuddying them but they kept coming back even when I blocked both accounts. I moved all of my favorite items to a different account just in case owo. Shortly after the 150th account got removed and after my live stream, other live streamers had this happen to them in similar cases. Be safe and jam on!


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For a commission request one on any video or social media with your user, text, font, color scheme, back round, overlays, etc. The more specific you are the more to your liking the edit will turn out. I’m not picky and if I ask anything it’ll usually be free or a den beta or few.


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┻┳| •.•) Alper are the hackers gone?

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Just follow the steps and if you have further question just comment below and I will respond to it as soon as possible and to the best of my knowledge.

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator