Animal Jam | My introduction |+Free Yellow Rhino Hat giveaway *Open*

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

*Hello Jammers! I’ve decided too make a you tube channel all about animal jam!

▼Okay so about my Yellow Rhino Hat giveaway here are the details!
▼Comment below your username. NO PASSWORD.THIS IS A GIVEAWAY!:)
▼Next, with your comment, comment a really good reason why you should deserve it.
▼It’s Open, the winner will be choose after almost 20 requests! So be one of the 20s ;D
*I’d love too talk in my videos, but…I can’t. I have no microphone yet, but soon enough I’ll have one.

*I’ll also be getting membership!

*Stay tuned for my animal jam videos! This is Zisee’s First video (Me) XD

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator