Animal Jam Livestream Come Join the Fun Giveaways every 3 I was Hacked…

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Hello! Welcome to my livestream! I hope you enjoy your time here! -Neon

-I am using Discord only if you request me to check it. This is because of what happened on previous livestreams and crude behavior. Sorry for the inconvenience! My mom and I made this decision together.

-I call my subscribers the narwhal clan! Subscribe to become part of it, and to stay tuned for future videos and livestreams! Also, if you would like to join a fun clan called the doorian clan where we “worship” all things doors and the Great Door Spirit, tell me!

-Top gifters!:

– -Please do not beg for mod or giveaways. I only give mod to people who come to my live streams frequently and are frequent chatters in the live chat.
-Top gifters reset every livestream. I put you on the list if you gift me anything, it can even be a necklace! The time you took to gift me is what counts for me. This is optional, however!
-I use Nightbot for giveaways. Please do not ask to be on the wheel, as I do not use a wheel again. I will tell you when the giveaways happen. If you do not claim your prize within 2 minutes, I will reroll. If you are not subscribed I will reroll. Each person can only win once during the entire duration of the stream to make it fair for other participants.
-Please do not ask for the giveaway to come sooner. I have the giveaways frequently but cannot have them sooner than their standards to make it fair for all people attending the livestream..
-Absolutely no hacking, scamming, or other mean behavior is allowed.
-Be kind, treat others as you want to be treated!
-Advertising for me is allowed, and greatly appreciated, but not required.
-Do not feel obligated to gift! However, I consider every gifter a top gifter 🙂
-My buddy requests are on, so requests are allowed.
-Please do not ask for personal information (real name, state, age, birthday, etc.) as I cannot give that info out.
-Feel free to give me clean song requests or ideas for what to do on Animal Jam!

-Discord server
-Discord Neon Swirls! #9405

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator