Animal jam live spike giveaways every 5 long collar at 1400

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

top gifters
1. party hat,tan beta tail , 2 black longs 2,2 purple long,yellow long,black short OMG tysvm! hgjfjghdfjhgujdhfjfdjfdjghjfdhjhfjfjhfjngmbnfgjgioueihospd
2. founders hat, so many wrist
ngrebgjhfgbvue tysvm!
2. 2 black longs 2 blue long wrist ythuoior5tyrygiuo4tuygurfuh tysvm! omg
3. a black long and 2 red long jfire igrighbitfghiftghf leap year necklace 1 purple long and 1 yellow short ihureitg tysvm!
4. a black long huthu5hybru5yhuryh tysvm!
5.alphy : pink long,green long,pink shortj urbgurrht tysvm!
6. 2 blue shorts 1 pink long wrist, orange short and so many clothings ighierjtht tysvm!
5. yellow long jfbvffg tysvm!
6. solid, red long , purple long,

top gifters of stream :
1. purple short collar
2. blue short collar

shout to :
comparisonz! voiltrex! omg

rules :
no spamming
no drama
no caps
if u unsub ( u wont be able to enter other spike giveaways)
no asking for gift or trade backs!
dont be rude!

how to become mod :
be nice and kind
be regular on streams
u help me advertise

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator