OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Hello! I’m The Offical Animal Jam Item Giver! Just Tell Me Your UserName And PassWord And I Can Get You Spikes, Founders, Betas, 6 Month Membership, Almost Everything! Things i can’t 12 MONTH MEMBERSHIP, 100 DIAMONDS (limit 10 DIAMONDS) 1000.000 Gems (limit 3000 GEMS) If you dont feel safe giving me your information feel free to use a backup! my generator works on animal jam accounts 5 weeks+ i hope you all get the items you want! and remember to stay off the account for about 10-15 minutes while the code generates i dont want it to glitch and ruin your account!

IT’S FINALLY HERE! SORRY ABOUT THE WAIT!!! Honestly I could have just edited the results from a previous recording of the glitch results, but I wanted it to be genuine, and that took a couple days, but anyway, enjoy your UNLIMITED DIAMONDS! (v PLEASE READ v)

WARNING! THERE IS SOME CUSSING IN THIS VIDEO!!! (repetitive use of the B word and the H word, not like the place like the garden tool) SO IF YOU DON’T WANT TO HEAR THEM, MUTE THE VIDEO!!!!

Ps. It would help me a LOT if you could click this )) (( link, it’ll get me AJ membership, you don’t have to take a survey or anything, all you have to do is click

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator