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Want to hack someone you hate? Someone who annoyed you? Here’s how!

It’s recommended you use your main account because AJHQ can see if you just made a new parent email and account and will blacklist you from ever getting your account recovered again.

Email [email protected] with this;

Dear AJHQ,

I have lost all my information about my account (the person your trying to hack), including the password and the parent email. Can you help me by giving the password to my account to my new email?

I’m not trying to hack or steal anyone’s else account, as my spare account is (your main account) the email to this account is (put your parent email that you used to make your main account) and the password is (put the password of the parent email of your main account).

Thank you AJHQ, and hope to hear from you soon!

Edit it, and click send!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator