OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Yeahhhh not really a tutorial but my prices are cheap!
Basically I will hack anyone u want me to for either 2 solids or one.
If the person’s password has 7 – 10 characters in it, I will charge 2 solids but if they only have 4-6 i will charge one. i have proof that i dont scam, only hack. bye lovelies!

Yo what’s up guys, in today’s video I’ll be teaching you all how to get sapphires in animal jam play wild codes 2020!! Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe to get sapphire codes for animal jam..

So everybody, in today’s tutorial you all will learn something amazing. I will show you all exactly what you need to do and how you’ll be able to get sapphires or gems in animal jam. The reason I made this video is because there’s so many people trying to clickbait and they never really explain what to do.

Thank you so much for watching, I hope you all have an amazing day!!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator