ANIMAL JAM- How to get a headdress glitch- SPIKE GIVEAWAY

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Sorry about the watermark once again I will buy camtasia very soon I promise. And also This is a skit it is not real! Ty for watching!

Animal Jam Glitch: How To Place Member Den Items In A Non Member's Den!

UPDATE: AJHQ has changed how you edit your den and this is now patched. It was fun while it was around. 🙂 Here is a fun Animal Jam glitch that will allow Non Members to place some of their Member Den Items in their Non Member Den! Its a great way to see what Member den items look like inside your den if your a Non Member. Its not forever but at least you will get to see what it looks like without having to look at other dens. Be quick to try this out because AJHQ might patch it as they do with some glitches hopefully not this one because it will get non members excited to buy memberships. 🙂 Update: Still working as of February 1, 2016, just tried it.

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator