animal jam Graham’s Workshop Part 1

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animal jam Graham's Workshop Part 1

its were i’ll be running arond to make some wired thing there’s two parts part one i’ll do half of the thing i’m makeing

Hey ppl, we r doing a “walkthrough” of GRAHAMS WORKSHOP. Graham’s workshop is an “adventure” where you collect resources and use them to forge awesome clothing and den items. I’ll be showing you some tips/steps to getting) your DREAM ITEMS.

1.grab a trusting buddy and go to the adventure! Have your friend help you hop to open any obstacles in your way. In return, they get to share your benefit!!!

2.Start gathering up some materials. once you’ve chose the item your after, collect the amount of resources you will need.
silver and gold elf tail armor, wood couch, golden beanbag.
wood table, golden pillow.

3.once you have all the resources you need, hand them over to graham to craft it for you. he’ll be glad to use your materials and make them into your DREAM ITEM. You can change the color of some items to match your style. (e.g. I got a white couch.)

4. Once you’ve gotten your awesome item, If you’d like, place it in a nice place in your den (or in clothing case, put it on) so friends and other jammers can check out your awesome sense of style!

5. NOW YOU HAVE YOUR DREAM ITEM! You can easily do it if you haven’t yet, remember. It took me about 20 minutes in total to get that AWESOME COUCH, and it was SÖ worth it!!!

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Snowflake Arcticwolf C:

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