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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Alright. The email isn’t working but, I found a new email. It is [email protected] I also have a few questions I’m answering now. The first question is “For the 2nd gen what do u mean we have a account at the end of the email?” Well, it means you enter your account for Abc123 Abc123 And now the most asked “Does it work with spares?” No. The account itself has to be at least 3-4 months old. Animal Jam will go in and check your account. This is why so many generators require this. And the last ” Which one can I get a headress from? ” Simple Either one! Thank you for watching my video!

(1st generator) Get your items here!

(2nd generator) Email this to [email protected]

Dear animal jam, we got scammed and we want our items back. The item was a (Item or items you want). Just so you know we’re not using the cheating system, we have a account at the end of the email.
So, we also need proof, so here’s our item
(Insert a picture of the searched item and none of the item in it)

Here’s the

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator