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I liked very much for the child to observe the life of wild animals. I watched the mrows for hours on the grandmother’s plot, watched where the grasshoppers jump, played with the dogs and watched how they behave in different situations, the same with cats. When I received a satellite TV service from my grandparents as a gift for communion, I was delighted, because I could watch TV channels such as Animal Planet. After many years, my enthusiasm for researching animals has decreased, but I still have a great fondness for this period of my childhood. Having seen the game “Animal Jam” produced by National Geographic, I decided to give her a chance right away.

The game also has a whole bunch of mini-games shaped in a way to teach young people something. My favorite was probably the one in which a small fish ate smaller than itself and avoiding bigger than us. It teaches how the food chain works in a pleasant and quite gentle way (in fact, the fish are not eaten, they just disappear, no drastic scenes;)).

Graphically, the game is very nice to the eye. Characteristic graphics will appeal to everyone, it is clear and beautiful.

Music changes with the location in which we arrive, for example, in our house play relaxing drums and flute, and in the underwater world plays a typical Hawaiian note.

To sum up, the game Animal Jam is a command game for every young man who wants to spend some time in front of a computer and at the same time develop their interest in zoology. The production is absolutely fantastic, pampered and not done at all. I highly recommend that every parent register their child in this game and play with her a little, spend time together, and at the same time show the child some animal world.

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator