[Animal Jam] Cheat to be a Flying Phantom for ALL of The Search for Greely

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Video Description
Outro by Gamerchic002 AJ
Cheat to get Rare Fast Set:
Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lISUk…
Follow Up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GvqW…
You are NOT allowed to repost about this glitch, or else AJHQ will fix it. This benefit glitch was posted by ME and will stay only that way.
Art Matter

Commission me: snowycat246artcommissions.weeb…
»I DO take commissions, and they are usually open. Commissions are NOT free unless you somehow won free or sale art on a special event I hosted.
»Do NOT ask for free art, however much I like drawing, if I did free art I could not keep up with the hundreds of people asking, and it would be a full time job with no pay, oh no! I won’t do art for birthdays, or any events that you think deserve free or discounted art, because I don’t know who is lying or not!
»My hand drawn commissions are very cheap, because I have time every day to draw on paper! My digital commissions are a little more pricey, but most people say they are fair!
»I do sketch requests for free, check my website to request one!

Comment and Contact Matter, What and What You Can’t Ask Me For

»If you have a compliment, go ahead and share it! They community on my channel is mostly pretty friendly! I DO read all my comments that I get notified with, even if I do not reply. I am more likely to reply to questions. I appreciate compliments very much but I’m amazed at how many of them I get, and I don’t have time to reply to them all, so even if I don’t reply you are appreciated.
»I do not subscribe to you because you ask, I subscribe to who I like so don’t ask and when I tell you no don’t pursue the topic.
»I am not accepting buddy requests, so don’t ask, there are a few ways to be my buddy though that I list somewhere below.
»People with negative comments will get a nasty or sarcastic comment back from me that makes you look like an idiot, so go ahead, try.
»Do not advertise on my channel, I’m not interested and I prefer people to stay on topic.
»Don’t ask for an art trade
»Don’t ask for me to enter your art contest unless the prize is a long collar or better and my art is better than all of the entries, because it’s a waste of my time otherwise entering a contest with no gain or chance of winning.
»I do free sketch requests, submit the form on my art website to get one!

Buddying Matter

»I will not buddy you unless:
– I have a decent reason
– You are doing a big trade with me
– You commission me for a commission with a value of a complex Fullbody or more
– You for some reason generously gift me a rare short spiked wristband or better

Channel Description

Ok so most my videos are appropriate for all ages. The music in my intros and out tros may be creepy, but my intros and out tros never have cuss words. However, my AJMVs include clips and music based on a horror game, Five Nights at Freddys. My AJMVs are not so appropriate if you don’t like jumps cares or horror content. The songs in the middle of my videos may include words like “stupid” “hate” or “h*ll” which may be bad for some people, but nothing worse. I mostly post animal jam videos, but If I have a theory or find a secret to another game I’m likely to post about that too!

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rare item monday and WORKING CODES 2016 ANIMALJAM!!

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