Animal Jam: Birds Of Paradise Journey Book Guide

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Animal Jam Spirit – Hey jammers! Awkward humming in the beginning. ^-^ Glad you could stop by, hopefully this was a good .

Here is the Animal Jam Birds Of Paradise Journey Book Cheat Guide. I will help Jammers find the missing pieces and show the prize you will get. Prize: Animal .

Some step by step video guides to completing the Journey Book! For a picture by picture guide, stop by AJS.

Animal Jam Spirit – Hey jammers! Hope this was helpful for all you cactus chair collectors out there. And entertaining for .
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Hey everyone! I’m sorry if I was really frickin slow BUUT I guess thats how I was made to be. Anyways, thanks for watching! Also, don’t forget to check out my two new blogs: Animal Jam Stella and Township Times! Looking forward to see you in my next video!
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