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🙁 i don’t know anymore….. i’m quitting….. that’s why i didn’t put my intro or anything. Or a tumbnail. Bye…..

WOAH! 1,000 views? And 108 subscirbers? Wow, sorry if i caused alot of drama, but i really was sad. Luckily i have re-thought about it, and will be joining aj again 🙂 i want to thank you all so much for supporting me over these rough times.Yes, it may seem pathetic to cry over pixels, but it was because the fact that i had spent so much time on those items, and that time was all for nothing. Because once time is gone, you can never get it back.
Here’s a little update on what is going to happen to my channel!
*I am going to be changing my name and my cat oc to something much cuter and catchier!
*I will start animating, because i have gotten Paint Tool Sai and Sony Vegas Pro :3 yay!
*(I also got a Wacom Intuos Draw Tablet!)
*I will host a giveaway for 108 subscribers! It won’t be the biggest giveaway, but there certainly will be some nice beta nick-nacks 🙂
Be patient! All of this won’t come in one day, especially since i have school and a life (-,-) XD

Huge shoutout to Droppizza on aj, for sending me a founders hat for my bday! Go sub to her, she’s really amazing ^_^
Shout out to SoCute for sending me a bunch of nice-looking items ^__^

Thank You All So Much For Your Support!
You won’t regret subscribing to this channel in the future, i promise 😉


Damn, i posted that vid a year ago-
Time just flies~~~~

Anyways hope this glitch helped you out with whatever your needs were.

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator