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Hiiii person!

How do you pronounce my name?

How do you pronounce my AJ user?

A bit about
My favourite colours is ✨Yellow✨
I love adding ✨Stars✨ or ✨Sparkles✨ to words hehe.
My favourite flower is the Sunflower, for now. ?
I have a sister.
I have a poodle collection.
I have a cat irl, he’s so cute?.

What I edit
iMovie? – The video.
ibisPaint X? – Thumbnails, mostly.

candde40 (main)
candde60 (spare)


Music used in this video?:
Intro – Infinite by Valence
Outro – On & On, Cartoon, Daniel Levi
– Bubble Tea by dark cat, juu, Cinders

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More vids coming soon!

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@fr0sty paw aj
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Lemme post the desc in the comments so i can copy & paste for future descs 🙂

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator