Animal Jam 2019 New Working codes ll AJ Play wild Codes

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Hope you enjoy these codes that will work for both AJPC and AJPW.
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Intro Music►Imagine Dragons – Thunder
Intro Made by► Approx
Outro Music►Justin Timberlake – Filthy(Intrumental)
Outro Made by► Me
Display Picture by►

The giveaway includes the following
Group 1:
– An auto masterpiece made by me
– A blue long spike collar

Group 2:
– An auto masterpiece made by me
– A pink long spike collar

Group 3:
– A purple long spike collar
– A purple short spike collar
Pick which group you want, comment your username, reason (optional) and the group you chose!
Also If you give me a skit idea and I will use it your comment will be in my video!
If you want to enter the giveaway and also want to tell me the skit idea make sure the skit idea is after the username, for

Group 1/2/3

Music is by Kevin

From now on I will upload 2 skits per week

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator