Animal Jam 20 TOY CODES PEACOCK FEATHERS + Trade Attempts Value

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

I put in my 20th Toy Code and unlock the amazing Peacock Feathers!!! This is one of the rarest promotional items in all of Animal Jam. I show you some of the offers I got for them. Shortly after this video was made I was offered a rare black long spike, but turned that down. I plan on keeping these but will still look at trade offers.

And why did that person kick me out of their den!?!?!?!

Send me a Jam-A-Gram kingofshopkins if you play AJ!!


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At first, I did not believe this existed, but apparently it does and I was shocked!

Also, I am doing a BIG Spike and Headdress Giveaway to ANYONE who Subscribes, Likes, and Shares the video, and you have to give a reason why you deserve a Spike or Headdress.

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator