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8 ball pool hack ipa - 8 ball pool hack win every time

8 ball pool hack ipa – 8 ball pool hack win every time

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IOS XCODE Source + Buildbox Template :

Buildbox Template + Android Studio + Eclipse :


Jumper Is an endless Game for kids, This game made by buildbox software It has two Worlds (Day & Night) also has 4 characters. you can add admob banner and easy to get more revenue from this game . this game also has share button, mute button, facebook button, that you can customize easily.

+ This game has been created with buildbox 2.2.8 (BBDOC file included)

+ Game Features :

Two Worlds (Day & Night)
4 Characters
Universal (phone & tablet)
AdMob Banner and Interstitial
Google Leaderboard
Share buttons
Facebook buttons
Rate Button
Sound On/Off Option
Eclipse / Android studio

+ This File Includes :

Buildbox (BBDOC) Project
Eclipse Project
Android Studio Project
IOS Xcode Project
Documentation File

Brought to you by ZAHRAGAMES Studio.

Help us improve our games. We love your feedback. in our facebook page: Www.facebook.com/ZahraGames ,

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator