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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

?Hi I’m supergamergirlbella but you can call me Bella welcome
to my Stream if you want to enter giveaways just click the link
to my discord server then you can enter the stream giveaways
and random ones I do hope you enjoy the stream and subscribe?

?Contact me?:
Discord- Supergamergirlbella#9552
Discord Fan Group- https://discord.gg/Bwq8nvd
Email- [email protected]
Skype- Supergamergirlbella
Google Handouts- Supergamergirlbella
Google+- Supergamergirlbella

?Game Usernames?:
Animal Jam- Supergamergirlbella
Minecraft- Super6girl7
Transformice- Super6girl7
Roblox- Supergamergirlbella (I don’t go on alot)
Sylestia- Moonlight night

No swearing (Timeout)
No asking for mod ( 3 warnings)
No being mean ( 3 warnings )
No asking to join call ( 2 warnings )
No advertsing ( 1 warning )
No asking for items ( 2 warnings )

ShadowNinjaTJ- My Big Brother
Artemis The Aussie- My Friend
Emily Forever- My Friend

?Top Gifters/Traders?:
1.Pinktiki: Rare short yellow spiked collar
2.B3Chill: Rare short orange spiked collar
3.B3Chill Custom spiked wristband
4.B3Chill Beta open sign
5.B3Chill Beta Moon Dirt
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Session Sniffing – how to hack an account in one minute

“this video is uploaded for learning purposes only. no copyright infringement is intended. content is copyright to mr. troy hunt”

Session hijacking is the act of taking control of a user session after successfully obtaining or generating an authentication session ID – learn more in video

How do you know that an attacker has not taken over the session between the computers and is passively monitoring the conversation, or even changing it? subscribe for more videos & you’ll get your questions answered ((:
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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator